Is it time to Switch Mortgage Providers?

switch mortgage providersDo you have a mortgage maturing in the next 90 days? Would you like a great low rate and lots of cash back? Switch your mortgage to CIBC.*

As of January 11, 2012 **CIBC is offering 3.44% fixed for four years for transfer in and refinance mortgages. That by itself is competitive, but the offer also comes with either 2% or 3% in upfront cash back. Imagine what you could do with thousands of tax free dollars. Travel to your favorite destination? Make those needed home improvements? Pay off high rate credit cards, or use the cash to pay off your mortgage years faster. How you use the cash back is up to you!

It’s important to know if the mortgage is paid out or refinanced before the term ends, the cash back must be repaid. If you’re looking for an equivalent fixed rate below prime, and you know you won’t need to make changes to your mortgage for at least 4 years, this may be the right offer for you.

If you’d like details, call Brian Johnston at 604-218-8306 for a no obligation consultation.

*Transferred mortgage must be from a lender approved by CIBC. Minimum mortgage $75,000.00. Conditions and restrictions apply. Mortgage must fund within 30 days of application date to qualify.

**Rates subject to change without notice.

***3% cash back applies to fixed rate mortgages over $400,000.00.